Wonder Wall - a sculptural patchwork

Wonder Wall - a sculptural patchwork

Art made out of waste

The Wonder Wall decoration is a sculptural patchwork made solely out of small scraps from the home décor production of Mumutane.

The art piece is a result of a collaboration between the creative artist and designer Christina Christensen and Mumutane. Christina took up the challenge of creating a beautiful and inspirational wall decoration out of scraps and succeeded beyond expectations.

The idea behind the Wonder Wall is to encourage everyone to see waste as resources and spark life into materials that no one imagines to be of interest.

The inspiration

Christina explains: “Just like the patterns on the beautiful African textiles are repeated again and again, I wanted to find a technique that could be repeated - while highlighting the colours and motifs, regardless of the size of the leftover fabric. The inspiration is drawn from tailoring craftsmanship, where the fabric is assembled, shaped, and manipulated with folds so that the seams of the smaller pieces of fabric are not noticed. The flat fabric scraps have been transformed into a form of sculptural patchwork”.

Mumutane wonder wall decoration made solely out of waste textiles from home decor production

Christina Christensen has created a masterpiece that not only serves as an inspiring work of art but also as a reminder of the potential of discarded materials.

The Wonder Wall decoration is a testament to the beauty and possibility of sustainability. By reimagining what we consider to be waste, we can create something new and beautiful. This art piece challenges us to look beyond our traditional notions of what is valuable and to see the potential in every scrap of material we encounter. The Wonder Wall encourages us to question our own habits and to consider how we can contribute to a more sustainable world.

A call to action

We hope that Circular Furniture Days will inspire visitors to approach the world with a new perspective, to see beauty in unexpected places, and to embrace the power of creativity and innovation. The Wonder Wall is not just an art piece, but a call to action – to think differently, to see potential where others see waste, and to create a brighter, more sustainable future.


The collaboration was initiated after last year's exhibition with Lifestyle & Designcluster 'Circular Furniture Days', where both Mumutane and Christina Christensen exhibited. 

Wonder wall decoration made solely out of small colourful textile scraps 


Wonder wall decoration - a sculptural patchwork art piece out of textile scraps


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