3 Days of Design

3 Days of Design

During 3 Days of Design we will be at DesignCamp at Docken in Nordhavn together with a number of other brands. We are looking forward to being part of the design festival in Copenhagen and contributing our take on what is good and sustainable design and what we think is important when working in that field.

Read the press release here.

Press release

Mumutane is a first-time participant at 3 Days of Design and has quickly succeeded in creating an inspiring universe of Nordic aesthetics and a vibrant African expression.

In 2018, Mumutane took up the challenge against tone-on-tone and the sometimes grey and dreary Scandinavian interior design.

"For a long time, the rigorous and minimalist Japanese expression has had a great influence on our Danish homes. Much has been and is monochrome, monotonous and impersonal," says Maria Kastrup Lausten.

"Africa is a gigantic continent and there is so much happening on the creative scene these years that we in Scandinavia are only just beginning to wake up to.It is very inspiring to experience the colourful, playful and joyful approach to everyday life in Africa, and we work from this atmosphere and bring it into Scandinavian homes", Maria also says.

In addition to the many colours and patterns, the African wax print textiles contain symbols and stories about life in Africa, which give a very special dimension to the products. Each cushion is unique in expression and tells a story.

The front of the cushions is designed from wax print textiles bought from women who run small, local textile shops in West Africa. The back is made of surplus textile from Kvadrat.
In this way, the cushions are flexible and can be adapted to customer preferences: one side expresses Nordic minimalism and the other African liveliness. This cultural fusion adds a personal and creative interior experience to any conscious and modern home.

"Our design tradition in Scandinavia is very classic and root-strong, and we hold on to that, but we want to add a little spice that is not just salt and pepper.It's not a big investment to buy a few colourful and patterned cushions that can make a huge difference to the plain, classic sofa at home - and to other people out in the world," states Maria as well. 

The aim is to create 'products with purpose', both in terms of creating personality and glow with warm colours and special patterns in Danish homes, and at the same time using the resources already produced to minimise textile waste, and create jobs in low-income countries as well as supporting production with social impact in Denmark.

Many people have already realised the importance of surrounding themselves with products that create joy and warmth in the home, while also having a meaning and purpose. In August, Mumutane received the 'Product of the Year' award at Formland.

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