African market

African market

In Aarhus there is a large international network. The African network in particular is flourishing and in the last 5 years, the network has become so large that there has been a basis for creating African markets and festivals.

This is also the case this year. And mumutane was part of it for the first time. We were wildly excited to say the least.

At Godsbanen, Department of (X), on 22.-23. June, plans were made for the very big party with a focus on West African culture in collaboration with Diaraby Jamm Festival 2019.

During the weekend there were dance workshops, a fashion show, food stalls, delicious music and much more. On Saturday 22 June, mumutane was there and showed off fine products such as kimonos, cushions, vases, multipurse, totebags, plant pot covers, butterflies, hair accessories and wall decoration and masks from Umasqu design studio.

Of course, there were also many other entrepreneurs such as Banicca and Mama-Essie on the market, so we were able to expand our network and take inspiration home. See more about the event on Facebook
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Diaraby Jamm Festival African Market Aarhus Institute (X) Godsbanen

mumutane line dalby gundersen designer african market institute (X) goods railway aarhus

mumutane home accessories colorful graphic textiles Africa accessories wall decoration modern masks

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