Coffee beanies from Burundi

Coffee beanies from Burundi

Super delicious, high-quality hand-knitted hats produced by female coffee farmers from the mountains of Burundi.

Burundi is a very poor country, where the majority of the population in the mountains make a living as coffee farmers to survive. The conditions are harsh, there are limited exports, and it is difficult for the locals to earn a living.

That's why Coffee beanies has trained a lot of knitters in Burundi to give the locals the opportunity for an extra income.

This means that for every knitted hat sold, a family's weekly income in the coffee mountains of Burundi is doubled. That is a noticeable difference.

The material is 100% soft and strong merino wool, which makes the hat easy to style upright or by laying it down - exactly as you want it. The high quality and classic design give the hat a long life.

The beanie called 'peace' is named after the iconic peace basket that can be seen in all markets in Burundi and Rwanda, and which symbolizes the time after the genocides in 1993-94.

Traditional peace basket rwanda gives inspiration to the coffee beanie from burundi sold online in denmark slow-fashion and social sustainability at its best

See the hats and the colors that are in the shop here - and if your color isn't there, write to us and we'll see what we can do :)

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