mumutane on tinder...

mumutane on tinder...

Your shortcut to furnishing: We have entered into a collaboration with the two cool women, Laura and Nanna, who have developed an App that makes it easier for you to find exactly the interior that suits you and your home decor. You can safely call it Tinder for housing enthusiasts! Try DecorRaid Swipeshop, which brings together Danish interior webshops ranging from established brands to unique upcoming design brands.

Just like on Tinder, you swipe through products for your interior design. The more you swipe, the better the App gets at recognizing your personal style and that way you get suggestions for products within furniture, home accessories and decoration that match you and your interior design style.

Swipe left and you indicate that the product does not suit you and swipe right when the product matches your interest. When you find a product you want to buy, you can go directly to the retailer with a single click. Easy, simple and fun!

Download DecorRaid in the App store. We can highly recommend it.

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