Design and inspiration tour in Nigeria's capital Abuja

Design and inspiration tour in Nigeria's capital Abuja

If you are not lucky enough to have a private driver in Abuja driving a reasonably boring Ford or Hyundai, you can get around with a Tuk Tuk - which in Nigeria is called Keke!! They light up everywhere in the landscape and even more so when there is a fine Nigerian couple wearing a brilliant ankara outfit. A sight for gods.

Sometimes, however, it is with a waist belt and braces to get around in Abuja. We saw several Kekes get up on two wheels when they just had to make a sharp turn, or dodge other drivers. But it is not only in a Keke that the tension can rise.

We once experienced that our driver, in the otherwise fairly normal Ford, turned the car and drove straight into the traffic, as he had just missed an exit. Apparently it was easier for him to drive recklessly than to take the next exit. After a lot of dodging by other oncoming drivers and with our hearts in our throats (for us), the driver found the exit and we could relax a bit again.

Ghost drivers in broad daylight probably happen a little more often in Nigeria than in Denmark!

Although there are many cars and related car parks in Abuja, pollution, sustainability and climate change are gradually starting to come into focus. Climate change is going to play a decisive role in Nigeria, and we attended a premiere on the subject. The documentary is called Swallow: Food security in Nigeria's changing climate.

The documentary is highly recommended. It is well produced, has many interesting angles, and you get a good insight into Nigeria's culture and challenges through knowledgeable people and very nice pictures. Unfortunately, only the trailer is available, but here you get a brief insight into what challenges and opportunities there are in Nigeria LINK

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