Simple vases with great effect

Simple vases with great effect

What a wonderful, sunny autumn holiday, and even if you haven't had a holiday, we hope there was room for walks in the forest and relaxation with your loved ones. It's just such a delicious time of year, all the colours, lit candles and the coziness . But hold on, it's getting cold! Now the last stalks of flowers and twigs with green leaves from the garden can be taken in and enjoyed before they all blow away! If you can't find so many colored flowers, a decorative branch is also really nice. The Mumutane vases as seen in the picture have a nice graphic and lots of colors and therefore less is more also applies in this context. A single branch or flower is therefore enough - the rest can be enjoyed in the garden.

As with several of our products, the vases are also versatile.

In product development, we strive for products to have more functions or expressions. It may be that it makes very good sense that a product is reversible, so that you can get different expressions, or a product can be used in different and new ways than we had just thought.

The fabric vases can be pulled over a can, a half-litre bottle, or give new life to a forgotten, old vase from the cupboard. The fabric can also be folded further down and then they can be used as storage for pens, drawing utensils, brushes or cosmetics.

And then they just give a really nice expression and contrast to other materials such as ceramics, wood, porcelain and glass.

It might be the next hostess gift to be given with a sprig from your own garden?

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