Are you also ready for colors?

Are you also ready for colors?

For many people, surrounding yourself with color has a positive effect. Especially at a time when many are forced to work from home due to the Corona pandemic, it is only natural to play with the interior design and colors. Jantra from the German THEWHYNOT magazine offers its take on brightly colored home accessories and fine cushions from mumutane are on the wish list.

At the Formland interior fair back in February, we met Jantra from the German online interior magazine THEWHYNOT. According to Jantra, there are a lot of brave and brightly colored German homes, and especially in this day and age, they are being redecorated and redecorated to a great extent.

What is your experience? Do you like colors in your home and does it affect your mood?

Stop by the independent interior magazine here and read more in German :)

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