Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

What does it really look like when for the first time you throw yourself into a collaboration with a professional photographer and shoot environmental photos and portraits..... ;) You get an insight into that right here! We have been taking pictures ourselves for a very long time and have received good feedback for it. But we can also feel an increasing interest in more inspiration and environmental images, where you can see the products in a larger context.

In addition, we have endlessly tried to take portraits of ourselves - but we have not been successful with those selfies. Hang on, how hard is it to take yourself seriously when you have to look professional and stand with a selfie stick at the same time. It takes a lot of practice ;)

We are happy that we finally got our act together and hired the talented photographer Jens Nikolajsen. Half a day where we learned a lot about building an environment - from laying floors, to setting up walls and much more.

It was a bit chaotic at times!

Photo session photoshoot interior design mumutane

We can highly recommend other entrepreneurs to go to a studio and make use of a professional photographer! It makes so much sense!

mumutane interior home accessories plaid wall decoration mask umasqu nordic design

There was plenty of good atmosphere at the photo session, and we think the pictures reflect that too. We love the warm glow that is in the images combined with masks, pillows and throws.

mumutane umasqu wall decoration masks patterned sofa cushions africa nordic design

Portrait photos we also got a few of....even the slightly frivolous ones with flying hair and big smiles! Find many more images on our webshop or via social media on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

portrait mumutane Line Dalby Gundersen Maria Kastrup Lausten interior design nordic design african tradition

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