Guest blogger Fie Frøling from @woodlandwhim

Guest blogger Fie Frøling from @woodlandwhim

Denmark has got things-constipated, but what does that say about 2020 trends?

Written by guest blogger Fie Frøling @woodlandwhim

A few months ago, we all had to take turns! In the swing of taking everything we own into our hands, and asking ourselves if it brings us joy. If it was a no, then it had to go in the bin, and if it was a yes... Well, the individual object was lucky. It was allowed to stay.

But why? Because Denmark has become constipated! And that has led to a new trend: things don't have to be new and modern. They must be better, practical and focus on solving a problem.

2020 will be the year when we no longer simply acquire new things in the hope of well-being, but look towards an inner well-being with organic shapes and colors. Where you nurture and focus on yourself and your mental health.

And here the sustainable choice becomes important! Because it precisely helps to simplify and solve a problem. That way you can have even more peace of mind.

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Sustainability itself has been a trend for many years. We have to do something for the planet now, and damn it is right too! But, as I said, it is more than that. Sustainability can also create peace of mind because you are aware that you have made the right choice. You have helped to solve a problem not only for the planet, but for other people.

In my world, Mumutane's pillows do just that. They give me peace through their organic shapes and colours, which send me back to nature with the deep blue shades, and the red dots send my mind to bushes and berries. In other words, they help create peace!

But it's more than just the look, because it's also about the production, which I talked about earlier. Mumutane produces with a focus on social sustainability and goes against mass production. They help to solve a problem, and in this way their cushions become more than just pretty. They become functional! Ergo, they play perfectly into the 2020 trend: function and solution-oriented choices. The pillows with a socio-economic and sustainable focus will be the better choice than the HM pillows and the Ikea pillows. And if I hold the pillows up in front of myself and ask if they give me pleasure, the answer is yes! Because they don't feed my constipation, but give peace of mind and solve problems for both me and others!

And why is that calm so important? Yes, because time is a scarce resource for many! We would like to use the time we have in 2020 to have inner peace and tranquility. A form of wellness in everyday life. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the solutions that we know can contribute to this.

Sustainability can help provide this peace of mind; with African pillows you can walk in Japanese Zen!

Guest blogger mumutane Fie Frøling African pillows sustainable 2020 trend home decor

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