Graphic and colorful textiles in Africa

Graphic and colorful textiles in Africa

After several days of searching in Abuja, we found Madam Biola, her daughter and assistant, who has a large selection of good quality textiles. Yes, because as with everything, quality comes in different forms, especially in wax print or what in Nigeria is called Ankara.

It has taken us a lot of time to research what kinds of textiles we would like to work with, which brands and companies produce Ankara, and what kind of quality meets our expectations.

Before the trip to Nigeria, we were in Paris and talked to a large company that both sells different brands and produces itself. It's actually a bit of a wilderness. You can read more about the history behind wax prints here LINK

Now we buy textiles in Africa, right now it's Abuja, and luckily we can write together with the women here and order what we want. It gives a good gut feeling to know who we are dealing with and that we are supporting these women by buying directly from them.

As we are newcomers to the wax print market, we have done wash tests on everything we have bought to see what it can hold up to, how it looks after washing, and whether the color rubs off.

Fortunately, we have been pleasantly surprised. We can confidently say that everything we have on the webshop can be washed at 30° and that the color lasts. We recommend washing separately by hand or delicate wash.

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