Handmade baskets and jewellery

Handmade baskets and jewellery

On our trip to Nigeria in April, we were lucky enough to have Comfort as a guide to show us around all the days. She is the one you can see between all the baskets.

We were, among other things, at a market where they made the most delicious baskets and jewelery in all kinds of colours. We fell head over heels for the baskets and couldn't decide which ones to take home. This is probably why there has been a huge mess in the little shop - all the baskets were reviewed and selected with care , and Philip, the shop owner as you see on the right, was so nice to help us. It is his two brothers who weave all the baskets.

They will certainly decorate and light up our home and there is plenty of space in them to store e.g. blankets and pillows that you can take out on the terrace for the late summer evenings.

Of handmade products, we also found colorful necklaces jewelry, which are worth taking a look at LINK

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