mumutane at Roskilde Festival

mumutane at Roskilde Festival

One of our dealers, Charline Skovgaard, who is the cool pioneer, sustainability activist and founder of My Fair Shop and Fair Nomad Society in Copenhagen, has been to Roskilde Festival to hear a lot of delicious music and work!

With the brand new Green Design Market, Roskilde Festival focuses on how consumers can change their consumption to a more sustainable one of its kind. Green Design Market is a collaboration with the organization and consumer guide GoGreen Denmark , which has developed an App that shows consumers where in their area they can buy sustainable products.

At the festival, a huge hall of 700 m2 was a showcase and design market for brands that either have an environmental or social sustainability profile. Or both!

During 8 days, the 130,000 festival guests had the opportunity to be dressed sustainably - even a sustainable pension scheme could be bought!

Among other things, Charline Skovgaard had brought several kimonos from mumutane, and we are very grateful for that. A fantastic showcase for mumutane, and the many other new and smaller entrepreneurs like us.

mumutane at the Green Design Market at Roskilde Festival

Photo credit: My Fair Shop.

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