Fabric mask

Fabric mask

Did you know that disposable masks are...

...at risk of becoming the next big plastic bag problem? Read more from the University of Southern Denmark here .

Like the researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, we also recommend fabric mouth masks. Our designs have a snug, comfortable fit, are in three layers with a filter in the middle and organic cotton on the inside. They are washable at 60° and adjustable with soft silicone beads. In addition, they are wildly beautiful and unique with colorful wax prints. And then they are sewn from surplus textiles from our production of cushions and do not contribute for the daily accumulation of plastic waste!

We can't avoid masks. Experts believe that we are facing a new era, where masks will become a completely natural and integrated part of our everyday life in the future - a bit like it has been in Asia for many years.

See our unique mask right here .

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