New series of simple pillows

New series of simple pillows

Mumutane has launched a smaller series of simple cushions based on surplus textiles from Danish Kvadrat to minimize waste of resources and increase sustainability in home accessories. The series is called Simple, is of high quality and harmonizes well with the many colors and patterns in the wax print textiles.

The Simple series is designed so that they can be turned, i.e. they have two different sides with textile and colours, so the expression can be varied depending on mood and decor.

As the series is made from surplus textiles, the textiles used vary all the time. Currently, the series is based on a combination of wool and 100% soft mohair, reminiscent of a strong, soft velour. But it is constantly changing, as we can only get a few meters of each textile. This means that the individual cushions are available in limited quantities - as is the case with the wax print cushions - and therefore you should probably not consider a purchase for too long if you have a favourite!

See the cushions in the Simple collection here .

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