The ideas behind reversible products

The ideas behind reversible products

There are so many options today that we can hardly choose! What job, what should we do on holiday, how should we get ready, you name it. We are enormously privileged people.

Many of these choices also mean that we are overconsumers of jobs, holidays and our wardrobes abound and home interiors are replaced depending on what fashion and trends dictate.

We don't want to be dictated to, that's why we create reversible products, and this makes a lot of sense when working with colorful and graphic, patterned textiles. It is not every day that you are in a rush and need lots of color in your home or in your personal expression. Some days it just needs to be subdued and calm. Can you recognize it?

Our kimonos, headbands and collars are created that way. They have been created with the aim of making it easier for all of us to create an expression that is connected to the purpose and mood of the day. And at the same time, the products are meant to last longer, we minimize consumption because we have the opportunity to vary the expression.

When you leave home in the morning, you often start subdued and calm - after all, we have to wake up - and then it is natural to e.g. the outerwear is also muted. That is why you use the base color, which in many cases is completely black or a dark base color, which harmonizes well with the general Nordic look, which most people are supporters of. When the afternoon arrives and you may have to go on and meet a friend or for a four-night event, then there is freedom to simply turn the kimono over and you get a completely different and far more interesting expression. You therefore don't have to go home and change clothes, you save time :)

The hair band doesn't have to be a solid blue all day either. You can also just twist it a little, so that more colors and patterns can be seen just like in the picture!

Try to see our variants of either collars LINK or kimonos LINK

We hope the reversible options will help us think about whether we really need that one blouse or pillow that can only give one specific expression and be used for one specific purpose, or whether we should go with longer-lasting solutions instead , which doesn't even cost more. What do you think? Feel free to comment.

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