Umasqu design and wall decoration

Umasqu design and wall decoration

Umasqu is a design company that creates modern, quirky and sculptural wall decorations inspired by colors, patterns and different languages ​​of the design world. They each have a special expression and are limited editions.

Umasqu's tight design and style, as well as references to Africa in several of the collections, harmonize well with mumutane's products and vision of combining the Nordic design tradition with the colorful African universe.

Mumutane are the first in Scandinavia to sell Umasqu's designs. Other retailers include the iconic Pomidou and the Picasso Museum in Paris.

The sculptural masks will add an artistic and humorous touch to your wall in the living room, in the office or as a statement piece of art together with lithographs and posters on the picture wall.

The masks are made according to the laser cutting method and are combined from different materials such as veneer, MDF, laminate, Plexiglas, plastic and felt. They are hand painted and the whole process is finished by connecting and gluing all layers. Find them all here .

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