Doing business everywhere in Africa is challenging. We have family in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, and therefore it is obvious to start there.

Nigeria is with its approx. 195 million inhabitants the most populous country in Africa and the continent's largest economy. Population growth is expected to increase by 100-150% by 2050.

Africa's infant mortality is declining, leading to an extremely young population, which has led to high unemployment or paid jobs below the poverty line.

In Nigeria alone, every other person over the age of 15 wants to leave the country and 4 million Nigerians are planning to travel away or are already on the way to do so.

The talents that exist in the country, many of them in the creative profession such as artists and design talents are leaving the country to seek a better future in primarily Europe. This is not a viable solution. We therefore want to help create opportunities and hope for a better future, especially for young women, who often work in the design and textile industry.

Fortunately, many larger companies have opened their eyes to the many talented resources and great potential in Africa. But even though we are just a small company with few resources, we hope and believe that we can also help create opportunities for especially young people in Nigeria by focusing on all the positive capacities in Africa which we in the Nordic countries have not recognised yet.

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