The team

The co-founders of the brand, Line and Maria, have two different backgrounds that complement each other so nicely and form a good basis for creating an interesting brand with something purposeful on the heart.

Below you can read a little more about both of them.

Maria Kastrup Lausten, MSc. Marketing from Business & Social Sciences, Aarhus University.

I am educated in the retail industry with a focus on textiles, trends and fashion. In this connection, I became particularly interested in working methodically to create good customer experiences, digitally as well as in the physically.

Subsequently, I studied further and took a bachelor's degree in Business Economics and Sustainability, as well as a Master's degree in Marketing at Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University.

After a few years in a large international company, I could feel that my old dream of becoming self-employed came back. The idea of ​​creating something from scratch and building something that creates value for others was tempting enough for me to go for it.

In my family, we have for many years built a number of relationships and connections with Africa - especially Nigeria. It has been an important source of inspiration for creating mumutane, which is a dream and ambition to create an interior brand that connects the African tradition of colours, patterns and prints with the Nordic design tradition. I believe that in the meeting of different cultures, new interesting expressions and imprints emerge, which create lots of joy and value.

That we also have a strong ambition to create better living conditions in Africa is not just a bonus, but a fundamental value in our small business.

Line Dalby Gundersen, Designer MA, Design School in Kolding.

I have a degree in Designer MA from the Design School in Kolding. For the last 12 years I have worked independently with space and graphic design. One of the things that motivates and fascinates me the most as a designer is that I get the opportunity to challenge the usual way of doing things. I am motivated by designing a product that pushes the boundaries of the consumer and shows them alternative options that still and even more meet their expectations and needs in both functionality and aesthetics.

A key word in my work is also sustainability. For me, the creation, the production and the people involved are just as important as the end product, the consumer and the continued life of the product. As a designer, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to make a real difference for both people and the environment, by designing a product that takes into account sustainability from craddle to grave.

As a design manager at mumutane, I have the opportunity to make a difference, by generating employment for primarily young women in Africa. At the same time, it is incredibly enriching to dive into a fascinating African culture and work cross-culturally by designing products that combine proud African traditions with a Nordic design expression. Through our products, I hope to be able to enrich Nordic culture with some of Africa's fascinating traditions - and not least to show that Africa has a lot to offer.