Mumutane designs unique, graphic and colourful high-quality home accessories. The products are made with African wax print textiles, purchased by women who run small, local textiles shops in Africa, as well as leftover textiles from the Danish international brand, Kvadrat.

The aim is to create ’products with purpose’, which is why Mumutane has a sustainable approach with a focus on minimising textile waste, and production with a social impact tailoring business.

The name M umutane means ’we humans’ and the philosophy behind is that we work across cultures and borders to create better conditions for more people.

Mumutane is inspired by the minimalistic Nordic aesthetics and vibrant African expression. The African prints contain a lot of symbols and tales of life in Africa, which gives every product a special story. This cultural crossover adds a personal design experience to any modern home.

Welcome to Mumutane’s universe with lots of colours and spectacular prints!