Maria Kastrup Lausten

Maria Kastrup Lausten, Cand. Merc in Marketing, Business & Social Sciences, Aarhus University.

I am educated in the retail industry with a focus on textiles, trends and fashion. In this connection, I became particularly interested in working methodically to create good customer experiences, digitally as well as in the physical space.

Subsequently, I studied further and took a bachelor's degree in Business Economics and Sustainability, as well as a master's degree in Marketing at Business & Social Sciences at Aarhus University.

After several years in a large international company, I could feel that my old dream of becoming independent was really stirring. The idea of ​​creating something from scratch and building something that creates value for others was sufficiently enticing that I dared to take the leap.

In my family, over many years we have built up quite a few relationships and connections with Africa - especially Nigeria. It has been an important source of inspiration for creating mumutane, which is my personal dream and ambition to create a brand within interiors and lifestyle that connects the African tradition of colors, patterns and prints with the Nordic design and fashion tradition. I believe that in the meeting between different cultures, new interesting expressions and imprints arise, which create lots of joy and value.

The fact that we also have a strong ambition to create jobs and thus better living conditions in Africa is not just a bonus, but a fundamental value at mumutane, which we also hope our customers appreciate.