Mumutane at Casa Decor 2023

Mumutane at Casa Decor 2023

A Fusion of modern Danish Design and Spanish Flair

Casa Decor, the renowned annual interior design exhibition, once again captivated visitors in Madrid with its stunning showcase of creativity and innovation. The event became even more exceptional as it hosted a collaborative effort between 11 Danish interior brands, the esteemed Comad Architectos, the Danish Embassy, ​​and the Confederation of Danish Industry. Together, they brought forth a remarkable display of design excellence, merging the essence of Danish aesthetics with a subtle Spanish touch.

Running from April 13th to May 28th, Casa Decor 2023 occupied a sprawling 40,000 square meters, comprising 55 meticulously crafted interior spaces. Amongst the exhibitors were 11 Danish design and interior companies, including Mumutane. The participation of these Danish brands highlighted the continuous growth and influence of Danish Design on a global scale.

The Danish room was planned and decorated by the two lovely sisters of Comad Architects combined their expertise and brought forth an immersive experience, unveiling the latest design trends and values, and embracing the spirit of the new Danish modern characterized by clean lines, functionalism, and a focus on craftsmanship. Simultaneously, they added a touch of Spanish influence, infusing warmth, colour, and vibrancy into the interior spaces.

Maria from Mumutane traveled to Madrid to be a part of the prestigious event. Alongside representatives from the other Danish companies, the Spanish press, distinguished guests, and notable figures, including the Danish Ambassador and official representatives from the Confederation of Danish Industry, the atmosphere fostered exchange and celebration of Danish Design and development into a brighter future with a focus on circularity and sustainability.

The exhibition served as an enlightening platform to showcase the evolution of Danish Design from the traditional, classic furniture companies to the younger design companies unveiling new design values, pushing boundaries and challenging traditional perceptions. Comad Architectos, with their remarkable vision and execution, seamlessly integrated these design values ​​into the interior spaces, creating an atmosphere that epitomised the fusion of Danish and Spanish aesthetics.

Casa Decor Madrid 2023 not only celebrated the beauty of design but also provided an opportunity for cultural exchange and collaboration. The collaboration between Danish and Spanish entities showcased the strength of creative partnerships and the potential for innovative design ventures.

In conclusion, Casa Decor Madrid 2023 was a resounding success, providing a magnificent display of Danish Design. The collaborative efforts of Comad Architectos, the Danish Embassy, ​​the Confederation of Danish Industry, and the participating Danish interior brands exemplified the fusion of creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange. The event served as a testament to the continued growth and impact of Danish Design, setting new benchmarks for design excellence and paving the way for future collaborations on an international stage.

Casa decor 2023 new Danish design values ​​and excellence with a touch of Spanish aesthetics

Casa Decor Madrid 2023 Danish design development

Casa Decor Madrid 2023 Danish interior space by Comad Architectos

Casa decor Madrid 2023 Danish design exhibitors

Casa Decor Spain 2023 Danish modern living and new design values ​​by Mumutane and Comad Architectos and the Danish Embassy in Spain

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