Investing in interiors with historical roots

Investing in interiors with historical roots

An opportunity to express your personal style of interior and creativity

Mumutane focuses on the traditional African wax prints in interaction with Nordic minimalism.

Many people consider whether a pattern or colour theme is too "wild" when deciding on a new interior for their home. But despite the seasons' perpetual colour shifts, there are good arguments for choosing cushions with both strong colours and dainty patterns.

African tradition combined with Nordic minimalism
African wax prints do not follow a changing fashion, but since the mid-20th century the design has managed to remain current and attractive to the fashion and interiors industry. The many designs have a depth of pattern and often a profound cultural meaning. These may be symbolic figures or a particular colour, each of which refers to a cultural code known only to the local area or tribe in Africa.

An anti-trend
Over-consumption and a use-it-and-throw-it-away culture have taken their toll on the environment, and a backlash has put climate awearness and sustainable products on the agenda. It is therefore important to invest in high-quality interiors and products that doesn't follow the changing fashion seasons.

Mumutane brings together two styles that complement each other. The minimalist Nordic is softened by a warmth and wildness, in the form of colours and patterns that challenge each other. A stylish design emerges from the interplay between two opposites on the front and back of the cushion respectively. It gives personality to the décor vibrant colour combinations that bring life to the everyday.

If you want to see the latest collection, get inspired here.

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